POP3 Details for Zoho Mail Accounts

POP or Post Office Protocol enables you to access the emails in any email clients of your choice. POP performs one way email retrieval and there is no sync between the email clients and server.

Enable POP Access

You need to enable POP access of the Zoho Mail account, to start accessing the account in other POP clients. You can enable POP access for all emails from the beginning or from the particular day. 

  1. Log in to your mail account
  2. Click Settings >> Mail >> Email Forwarding POP and IMAP.
  3. Under POP Access select one of the options below
    • Enable - Enable POP access for all emails in the account.
    • Enable from now on – Enable POP access for emails that arrive from the time the user enables POP access. 
  4. Click Save for the changes to be effective.

POP Configuration settings for Zoho Mail

You can configure your Zoho Mail account in any standard POP client. The required configuration details for accessing Zoho Mail account via IMAP are given below. 

Incoming Server Settings:

Incoming Server Name: pop.zoho.com
Port: 995
Require SSL: Yes

Outgoing Server Settings: 

Outgoing Server Name: smtp.zoho.com
Port: 465, SSL or
Port: 587, TLS
Require Authentication: Yes

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